28 December 2013

William Blevins, Long Hunter

Another link from Jeremy Blevins' blog:
William Blevins, Long Hunter

John L. Knighten

While John L. Knighten was not a Blevins, his granddaughter Katie Caroline Knighten married Huston Abraham Blevins. Family tradition states that John L. Knighten was a Cherokee. I have commented on him a couple times on my personal blog:

19 December 2013

Blazon of William Blethyn's Armorial Achievements

A couple years ago I posted the William Blethyn pedigree roll with the promise of transcribing it. I'm a little behind schedule in following through with that, but I would like to make an attempt to blazon the arms attributed to him.

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Gules, three chevrons argent (Corenny hir Lydanwyn), 2nd, Azure, a chevron between three cocks combed, armed, and wattled gules (Meuric ap Tewdric), 3rd, Or, three lions passant guardant gules armed and langued azure?, a crescent dexter chief for difference gules.

Crest: Upon a wreath of gules and argent, a Paschal Lamb proper, holding between its forepaws a long cross argent from which flies a banner of the Cross of St. George."

Motto: Et Mica Mihi (And a grain for me)